About Maa Baglamukhi Temple

Tantra and Siddha Ksheta

A grand temple of Maa Bagalamukhi is situated on the banks of river Lakhundar in Nalkheda of Agar Malwa district. This temple is important from a religious and tantric point of view. The Mirchi Havan here is famous worldwide for tantra cultivation and for alleviating the sufferings on it. It is said that in the city where the mother Baglamukhi is enthroned, she cannot even see the crisis.

How to reach Baglamukhi Temple

It is said that the idol of the self-proclaimed mother is of the Mahabharata period. Here Yudhishthira meditated on the direction of Shri Krishna and conquered the Kauravas. This place is still known for miracles. Many saints and saints from the country and abroad practice Tantra. Mother Bagalamukhi is the power that destroys disease, hostile speech, and all sorrows and sins. Trishakti Maa Virajit is in this temple.

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