About 90 km from Indore is the historic tourist place ‘Mandu’ which is also known as the city of happiness. Mandu used to be the capital of the Paramar kings of Malwa in the tenth century. It was ruled by the Sultan of Malwa until about the 13th century.

How to reach mandu?

It was then named Shadiabad. Mandu is situated at an elevation of about 592 meters from the Vindhya hills. It is the largest fort city in the world. Forts surround this city from all sides. The walls here still look the same as they were 300 years ago. Here you can see hundreds of mango, tamarind, and banyan trees. The beauty and greenery of Mandu increase after the rains. The greenery here looks as if emerald gems are scattered all around.

Tourists come from far and wide to see the finest architecture of Mandu. The beautiful forts built on the small hills here attract everyone. Although these forts have been torn down over time, it still has its charm.

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